Toss payments 개발자 커뮤니티


Toss payments 개발자 커뮤니티

Toss payments 개발자 커뮤니티입니다. 결제 연동하며 겪는 기술 문의부터, 결제 시장에 대한 다양한 정보까지 얻어가세요~






Integration with Hubspot

Hello, My landing page is hosted on Hubspot. It is built with drag and drop blocks. One of the block is text, and I can add HTML code there. How can I integrate Toss by copy pasting some HTML code in that page?...

Naverpay and Samsung Pay not showing for mobile payments

Hi Team, We are facing a production issue in Tosspayments. 2 payments not showing for mobile version. But it shows fine for desktop version. Please see the highlighted screenshots....
No description

email issue at Xpay response.

Hello, We have an issue in production related to the response from your Xpay system when we try to validate the payment. When the website redirects to XPay to make the payment, it sends this variable to HPP:...

international payments

Hello, do I need to manually apply for allowing me to make overseas transactions with my toss card, or is it allowed by default? I am planning to visit my country and would like to use the toss card to make payments there

Need help on Tracing the payment record log. Is it returning 400 or 200 to request?

Hi team, is there any way we can track the API billing charging is returning 200 or 400 status code to us? We found the payment is completed but API returning non 200 status code. can help check ?...

About Card Number Masking

I use APIs to make payments. In the API response, I noticed that we receive a card object. The object looks like this: ```
"card": { "issuerCode": "71",...

Subscription-based API

Hi team, is there an API endpoint/configuration for recurring payments? On FAQ I see payment installments but it requires price minimum.
If this is possible could you please direct me to the resource/documentation for this? Thanks...

Allowing other languages

Is it possible to change language in the payment window to English?

Testing Payment Gateway

How do I test the payment gateway using the test key? What payment method do I choose and what details do I enter?

International merchant support

Hello. Apologies as it is not a technical question. I wanted to ask whether it's possible to sign contract/integrate with Toss PG as a foreign/international company. If it is possible, any reference/links I can look into?...

Need Help about Samsungpay

Does Tosspay collect device information when opening the payment wallet window, for Samsung Pay or other wallet apps?

need help about refund

We used API version 1.4 to refund an order for our customer, but got an error message: "[RF39] 계좌인증 실패(은행응답코드:0199,에러내용:기타오류)". What is the reason?

need help about Test Credentials of toss payment

toss payment test credentials We need test credit card details / payment details for testing demo ,where from we can get if someone can help we will appreciate, thanks in advance.

웹플로우로 서비스의 메인 페이지를 옮겨가고 있습니다

기존에 하드코딩으로 꾸렸던 서비스의 메인페이지를 웹플로우로 이전하고 있습니다. 대부분의 기능은 모두 웹플로우로 옮겼습니다. 슬랙 연동, 재피어 연동 등을 활용했는데요, 이제 결제를 위해 붙여두었던 토스 결제위젯만 옮겨오면 되는 상황입니다. 이미 다른 분이 노코드로 토스 결제 위젯을 웹플로우로 옮겨주신 것을 보았는데 제품디자이너가 주축이되어 ...

Suddenly got INVALID_API_KEY when made a confirm payment

We using API version 2022-11-16, everything was fine then suddenly got INVALID_API_KEY when confirm payment, can you guys help us to identify the reason of this issue?

Why i get "You have exceeded your daily limit" this error?

Recently i get "You have exceeded your daily limit" error could you please describe about this I didn't find any enough information about this.

didn't find the add card and save card ID flow

We would like to add Card from the mobile App (developed in Flutter) and save card ID in backend database, from backend we will charge customer from that saved card when needed, so how do we do that? We have checked this already, checked almost whole document but didn't find the execat flow to add card and save card in backend. We find remove card api, charge customer api, but didn't find the add card and save card ID flow....

Billing key with foreign card

We're considering tosspayments for subscription/payment services on our website. One of requirements is to provide monthly recurring payments with Korean & Foreign cards. That means user registers his card and it's used for monthly payments. According to API documentation I need to use 자동결제 API and issue billing key. However documentation also mentions that billing API doesn't support foreign cards in here고객-카드-등록하기 (해외카드, 해외결제는 지원하지...