Suddenly got INVALID_API_KEY when made a confirm payment
We using API version 2022-11-16, everything was fine then suddenly got INVALID_API_KEY when confirm payment, can you guys help us to identify the reason of this issue?
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Do I need real information for testing BrandPay?
I'm currently testing with brand pay. Do I need to input real infor for testing?
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React-native open external app in WebView
We're integrating Connect Pay in our application in React-Native. We getting issues while trying to open the external app from WebView. Following your documents we knew the concept of handling this but this document doesn't mention the way to implement in React-Native. Do you have any guide or document about this issue?
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I got an error on the live environment. When I use the test key it worked. Pls, help me to resolve it. code: "PAY_PROCESS_ABORTED" message: "현재 서비스 이용이 원활하지 않습니다. 잠시 후 다시 이용 부탁드립니다." orderId: "6f579ce3-94bc-456e-87b1-2789c2e0a3b4"
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