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Fausto (Camper.com)
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Created by Fausto (Camper.com) on 5/21/2024 in #🌎┃global-support
email issue at Xpay response.
Hello, We have an issue in production related to the response from your Xpay system when we try to validate the payment. When the website redirects to XPay to make the payment, it sends this variable to HPP: <input type="hidden" name="LGD_BUYEREMAIL" id="LGD_BUYEREMAIL" value="example@example.com"/> When XPay comes back to our website, we collect in that same variable the email. But it seems that XPay is sending us the variable with an empty value. In some cases the response does not return the email. Can you help us? We are having a lot of failed payments because of this problem.
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